Excess sugar consumption causes obesity, heart disease, and even type 2 diabetes. Candy and Soda are probably on the top of list as being over consumed and abused by the american population. However sugar is hidden in some of your favorite comfort foods like spaghetti sauce and whole wheat bread. Identifying those things in our diet , can really help us take control of our weight.

cutting back on sugar will help you sleep better because you won’t have insulin spikes in your blood sugar and you will get better rest in the night hours.

30 to 50  grams of dietary fiber per day while making sure not to consume processed foods with added sugar in all forms fiber will help keep you full throughout the day and preventing you from feeling severe hunger cravings.

“I switched from soft drinks like coke , and started drinking Carbonated flavored water, Honestly I found the whole time I did not need the sugar in soda, but it was the carbonation that I could  not get enough off. Now the market for flavored carbonated water , sugar free, is huge ! So that means I have plenty of flavors to work with and not feel bored. With this simple switch alone I lost over 20 lbs in 1 year ! That’s not changing anything else in my diet ! However, I wanted to start getting serious about my weight loss so I started going to the gym everyday and doing cardio. Even sometimes fasted cardio. This really started to kick into gear all the weight I was needing to shed. I did this for several months with great results. However I started to notice I was hitting plateau , I couldn’t lose anymore weight… So I started doing research about any type of supplements that might help me breakthrough the plateau , sure enough I read about l carnitine 3000 mg

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